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LifeBeacon™ - A Better Mobile Medical Alert


Why would I use LifeBeacon™ instead of a different alert?

Let us count the ways:

  • LifeBeacon™ means that 100% of the time, your loved one can talk to a trained operator and explain what’s happening.

  • LifeBeacon™ means that anywhere there is cell coverage, your loved one can get help at the touch of a single button—even if all they need is for you to come give them a hand with a temporary problem. Other alerts offer this ability only in and possibly around the home.

  • LifeBeacon™ means that your loved one will get help faster (up to 66% faster), and will always get the right help for their needs at the time.

  • LifeBeacon™ means that your loved one will NEVER experience an embarrassing false alarm.


My loved one stays home most of the time anyway. Does he or she really need LifeBeacon™?

Yes! Even if it were true that your loved one never leaves home, LifeBeacon™ is still a superior choice. Other alert systems don’t allow users to tell the operator what is wrong or easily cancel any false alarms.

In addition, the statistics say that today’s seniors really aren’t staying home all the time—even if it seems that way to the rest of us. For example, studies show that 46% of falls among the elderly happen outside the home and yard. Today’s seniors simply do not live stationary lives! This activity is a good thing for everyone; allowing older folks to remain active keeps their minds, hearts and intellects healthy and engaged. And having protection wherever they go could be just the spark they need to get out, be more active and live a happier, healthier life.


My elderly parents live with me. Why do they need an alert, and why should it be LifeBeacon™?

Most people can’t always be home with their elderly parents, even when they live in the same house. LifeBeacon™ lets you keep tabs on mom and dad even when you’re not home, through a simple web interface—something no other alert can do—and lets them get help wherever they go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Is the LifeBeacon Difference™ just the ability to go outside?

No, the LifeBeacon™ is much more than that. The LifeBeacon™ is true security. Unlike with other alerts, someone is always there—they will always answer, you will always hear them, and they will always hear you. Not just at home, and not just if you’re close enough to the base station.

If you have an elderly parent, you always worry about them. You want to know how and what they’re doing, where they are and if they’re safe. We know. We’ve been there ourselves. LifeBeacon™ lets you know that all the time—not some of the time, and not just when they are at home. LifeBeacon™ lets them get help if they need it. But more than that, LifeBeacon™ lets you know how they’re doing and what they’re doing, each and every day. You can check up on them periodically, set up reminders for them to take their medications and get alerts if there is any unusual activity. Every senior needs a LifeBeacon™ for their safety and every son or daughter needs it for their sanity.


Sign Up - Mobile Medical Alert


How do I sign up to receive a LifeBeacon™ and Wireless Medical Alert monitoring service?

You can sign up online or call us toll-free at (800-262-3045). A knowledgeable representative will answer your questions and get you started right away.


Do you cover my area?

We offer medical monitoring service in all 50 U.S. states. Occasionally, a rural area where a user lives will not have sufficient cell service for the LifeBeacon™ to operate properly.


How does the 30-day money back guarantee work?

If within the first 30 days after purchase you decide that you are not 100% satisfied with LifeBeacon™ for any reason, or for no reason at all, just call for a return label with its original packaging and you will receive a full refund.


What information will you need? How do I provide it to you?

Ordering the LifeBeacon™ only takes a few minutes. You will need to:

  • Select your payment

  • Provide payment, billing and shipping information

That’s it. Once your LifeBeacon™ arrives, we will obtain user information and walk you and/or the user through the activation process over the phone.


Can I pay for service for someone else who lives out of state or across town?

Yes.  Many of our customers use this arrangement.


What are the payment options?

We accept all major credit cards as well as electronic checking account debits.


What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. We do not offer refunds on services after the first 30 days. Cancellations of service are allowed in certain circumstances, as set forth in our standard service agreement.


How soon can I receive my LifeBeacon™ and start Wireless Medical Alert’s monitoring service?

We typically ship products on the first business day after the day on which your order is received. Once shipped, you should receive your LifeBeacon™ within 2-3 business days.


What other products are available?

We offer a key safe to allow emergency personnel access to your home, even when it is locked.

We also offer fashion accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces, to make the LifeBeacon™ more stylish. 


How can the LifeBeacon™ be worn?

LifeBeacon™ can be configured to be worn as a wristwatch or a necklace. As a wristwatch, you can use one of the included black wristbands, or purchase one of our fashion bracelets for ladies or a premium leather watchband for men. As a necklace, the LifeBeacon™ comes with a standard lanyard or you can purchase a ladies fashion beaded necklace.


Medical Alert System Operations & Requirements


Is there anywhere LifeBeacon™ can’t protect me?

While LifeBeacon’s™ cellular service covers 96% of the U.S. population, every cellular provider has some areas it cannot serve. Wherever there is cellular service, your LifeBeacon™ will protect you.


Do I need a phone line?

No, the LifeBeacon™ has its own dedicated cellular phone line that is used ONLY for your emergencies.


Does the user have to charge the LifeBeacon™? How often? How difficult is it?

The LifeBeacon’s™ battery lasts at least 48 hours under normal standby conditions. However, we recommend charging each night before bedtime. The LifeBeacon™ is charged using a simple charging cradle similar to those used by cordless phones. Any user that can charge a cordless phone should be able to charge the LifeBeacon™. When you order your LifeBeacon™ it comes with an extra battery, so you’ll never be without a fully-charged LifeBeacon™.


How do I charge the LifeBeacon™?

The LifeBeacon™ is charged like a cordless phone. Once secure in its charging cradle, the LifeBeacon’s™ emergency help button is illuminated with a soft blue LED light for safety and to allow the user to activate it easily at night.


Is the LifeBeacon™ water resistant?

LifeBeacon™ is not at this time, but working towards a water-resistant version for added convenience.


Does LifeBeacon™ have automatic battery alerts to remind me to charge?

LifeBeacon™ constantly monitors its own battery life. When the battery is low, LifeBeacon™ automatically alerts the user and audibly instructs him or her to charge it. It also sends an alert to our central monitoring station and to all of the authorized emergency contacts. If the battery ever gets critically low, LifeBeacon™ alerts the user, as well as sending out alerts to our central monitoring station and to all of the authorized emergency contacts explaining what has happened, before shutting down.


What about installation and activation?

Because LifeBeacon™ is a mobile product, there is no installation needed. There is a short activation process we go through with the user over the phone as soon as the LifeBeacon™ arrives. In most cases, the entire activation process takes no more than 5-10 minutes.


Tell me about speed alerts, medication reminders, geofence alerts, and current location checks.

Our premium web access allows you to locate your loved one any time you want, subject only to the availability of GPS signals. It also allows you to set up and receive text message alerts in certain cases, including:

  • Geofence alerts, which let you know when your loved one travels outside an area you specify;

  • Speed alerts, which (for seniors who rarely drive) let you know when your loved one exceeds a certain speed limit you specify.

  • You can also set up daily, which will audibly remind your loved one each day when it is time to take his or her medication.


What about GPS accuracy?

Once properly initialized, LifeBeacon’s™ GPS receiver is typically accurate to within 3 meters outside. Inside buildings, the accuracy of any GPS receiver—no matter who makes it—depends to some extent on the type of building and the availability of satellite signals. While LifeBeacon™ can normally locate users who are indoors, to avoid any accuracy issues we have trained our operators to confirm the user’s exact location via two-way voice communication before dispatching, and use GPS only when the user cannot verbally communicate his or her location.


What about privacy concerns?

We do not receive or store tracking or monitoring information about any user unless an alert is activated, or there is a request from an authorized contact. Any information we do store can be viewed only by specifically authorized contacts with a password or our trained monitoring station operators. Only users or their authorized contacts can set up additional alerts such as geofence alerts, speed alerts and medication reminders.


Mobile Medical Monitoring


Who monitors the LifeBeacon™?

The LifeBeacon™ is monitored at our UL-listed 24-hour monitoring station that has over 40 years of experience and hundreds of thousands of total accounts monitored.


Are your operators trained and experienced?

Every LifeBeacon™ operator is trained to respond to medical alert calls and receives even more specific training on how to monitor the LifeBeacon™. Our operators have an average of 7 years of experience.


Can you monitor more than one person in the same location?

Yes, more than one person in the same location can have a LifeBeacon™. 


How will first responders enter my home if it is locked?

We can store the name and phone number of a neighbor who has a key, who can meet first responders at your door if there is an emergency. Or you can purchase a combination key safe from Wireless Medical Alert which can be affixed to the front of your home and will hold a key. Our monitoring station personnel will have the key safe combination and can provide it to first responders if needed.


Can my system follow me if I move?

LifeBeacon™ goes wherever you go. However, it is important that we know your home address and local community information. If you do move, call us toll free at (800) 262-3045  to change your home address in our system.


Can I change my emergency contacts, medication information and other information? How?

Anytime you want to change information on your account, give us a call, toll-free, at (800) 262-3045 to change your information in our system, or use our premium web portal service.

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